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Re: Snow! There's snow!

The snow is sadly now starting to melt away, but we had LOADS too!

Here's some pics smile

My street:


Entrance to the nature preserve:


If you guys want to see more snow pictures, click here


Re: Snow! There's snow!

Now that's a proper winter landscape!

Luckily, we had some snowfall again last night. It's starting to melt already, but still.

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Re: Snow! There's snow!

Here's what fell on Kansas last night
Roughly five and a half inches of snow fall, fourteen centemeters for those on the metric scale, and has shown no signs of melting today.

I'm going to need a bigger stick.


Re: Snow! There's snow!

You had a proper white christmas, I'm very jealous!


Re: Snow! There's snow!

Wow, now that's a White Christmas!


Re: Snow! There's snow!

The snow had been gone here for like 2 or 3 days and now there's snow again.
Not as much as last time though, but the forecast is predicting more later this week.
I predict traffic and public transport HELL.


Re: Snow! There's snow!

Lots of snow up here today! big_smile

Re: Snow! There's snow!

Same here. It's swirling outside the window with no signs of letting up soon and there's already about 10 cm accumulation in my area. Time to dig the boots out again for getting to school tomorrow!

Re: Snow! There's snow!

Snow for me too. Too bloody cold!

Sorry, left the Falcon in the Bentley. Right now, you answer to my Ronson T-T.

All hail Kremperpunk.


Re: Snow! There's snow!

Plenty of it here down South in England, but stupid employment is stupid and not letting me go out and play in it/construct epic ice sculptures/push children down snowy hills.

Guess it's my own fault for living in walking distance of my place of work, bah.