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Figured I'd post this one here, since it is sort of a cutaway... diagram, actually, but still of interest, perhaps?

A plan possibly for our airship Tesla Coil on board which our "Doomsday" RPG is set.  Of course it's merely a suggestion and it's up to MrFats and J.D. to decide upon the design of the ship, since it is their RPG after all.  (Notably, it does not feature balconies connected to the staterooms, though I had contemplated the concept.)

http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/9660/planqj6.th.png    http://img178.imageshack.us/img178/1188/planphotovf0.th.jpg

(WARNING:  Large files!)

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Today, I saw that a Japanese Astronaut demonstrated that a Boomerang works on Micro-gravity!

So watch out for new kinds of Space vehicles... Inertia Momentum Thrust ones!

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Thank you for the shiny pictures Mr. Ottens.

As for those other recent airship projects around the world, Mr. Edgar, luckily I have an airship-obsessed-boyfriend who keeps me up to date on most of those projects.  It's lovely to see more pictures of them!

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Well, QueenAquaBubble, tell him that it will be possible to own an Hot Air Airship,soon:


Drooling time! big_smile

I find the way the Inventor found to make it rigid is a particularly clever one:




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I think we should all discard automobiles and use little airships for personal transportation instead.

As for types of airship, I admit I never quite understood the difference between rigid and non-rigid airships.... I never quite took the time to educate myself on it, though, but reading about it at wikipedia's "Airship" page only helps greaten my confusion.

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Gosh, I only found this post of you now, Ottens, sorry!

Rigid are rigid all the way, semi-rigid only at the front end, to withstand air resistance to the ship's movement.

Lookie, lookie:

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Lookie, lookie II:



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Oh I'd never seen those before!  The first apparently depicts some sort of updated version of the real aircraft-carrying-airships the U.S. Navy developed with a landing strip on top of the ship!  big_smile

The second.... a chessboard for airplanes?

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An airport on a Skyscraper! big_smile

Go look at the Gizmos at the covers, some are weird, others fantastic, others did come trough!


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An old British comic, i think it may have been Victor or Valiant, ran a series of "It COULD happen!" covers for a while. I've seen a few including "In the year 2000 you could be taking your children and grandchildren to an undersea hotel for christmas. Santa claus, carrying neptune's trident and riding on a sleigh pulled by dolphins, delivers thier presents" and "The soldiers of the future (they wore bright orange... somebody didnt think something through) are surrounded by the enemy? will they be captured? no, at the touch of a button they soar hundreds of feet into the air, to land safely behind thier own lines. Experiments into personal rocket-packs are already being made, who knows where they will end up tomorrow?"
Unfortunatley there seems to be no one decent place to find covers, i think i may even have seen those on Ebay