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Thread to share all news and depictions related to zeppelins and dirigibles.

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It's returning to life - The Germans plan to build Cargo Container carrying Airships!

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How wonderful!  big_smile

We should built more airships.  They're without doubt far superior to any other method of transportation.

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...And there's even Ultralight versions for the future...

Practice your French, it's worth it: … ucher.html

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EGADS! Those are quite lovely...

And now i wished i stuck with French class.

Your reality sir, is lies and balderdash, and i am delighted to say i have no grasp of it whatsoever!

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Well, it's bound to have some English translation Page, someday!

But go to the page, and click on the pictures, they are links to screen-size versions of them! big_smile

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I post this sequel here:

A fantastic way to make a light, yet rigid Airship:

The thing's frame is INFLATED, now why didn't anyone thought of that before?
You can make your own 2 seater, and keep it on your garage!

A cheaper, yet not so well made item is this:

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I did my own cutaway of a Wolfenden-Class airship of the 2060's a while back. It has two giant balloons with the 'cabin' suspended between them. The one i drew was used for... uh... sex orgies in the sky. But there's also an aircraft carrier version with even bigger baloons, more propellors, and a runway on top. The planes can of course 'fall off' the end and use the falling to get up to speed, which means a steam catapult isn't needed which saves some weight. They of course use arrester wires to stop when they come back to land

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I had a simmilar concept as you Felneymike...for the Aircraft carrier though, can't confess to anything sex- orgy related in my inter-war adventure series...<.<...although i'd probably get some sales...*mumbles on*

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Hmm, and here i am giving it away for free. Then again the artwork is terrible. Anyway i didnt link to the cutaway pic because i thought i didnt have it in linkable form, only on facebook, but i do! though it's too big to post here without it being squished, so click on this: … ehigh.html
The perspective is terrible, and the dome should be bigger (covering more of the top) and the baloons should be much bigger. The aircraft carrier version is basically the same except there's a runway and control tower on top, meaning the rear propellors are lower down (The Mile High Club lands, the aircraft carrier never does, it's resupplied in the air), also the baloons are bigger still and have big booms coming out of the back, with more propellors on. There's also lookout towers in the big tail fins and various missile launchers and things underneath... along with a docking area for another airship, which is usually the resupply vessel