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Topic: RPG Information & How To Join

The Startling Stories forum here at the Smoking Lounge is for all role-playing games (RPGs) and related threads.

Current games

Currently, we have one active role-playing game:

- UCS Vanguard is a steampunk-in-space adventure, set on board the space ship, Vanguard.

How to join

All role-playing games accept new players. Submit a description of the character you wish to play in the following thread(s):

- Character biographies/approval for Vanguard.

Past episodes

Members who wish to join an existing role-playing game are advised to familiarize themselves with these previous episodes:

Past episodes of Vanguard:
- Episode 1: Into Infinity
- Episode 2: Adrift
- Episode 3: Into the Heart of the Darkness
- Episode 4: The Price of Perfection
- Episode 5: A Terrestrial Interlude

Inactive games

Below is a list of past episodes of role-playing games that are no longer active.

Past episodes of The Peril of Power:
- Chapter 1: But Through a Glass, Darkly
- Chapter 2: Red Cloud on the Horizon
- Chapter 3: Of Beasts And Men

Past episodes of Anyone for Doomsday?:
- Chapter 1:  Night Visitors
- Chapter 2:  The Path Less Traveled
- Chapter 3:  Enquiries
- Chapter 4: Into the Darkness

Past episodes of City in Twilight:
- Episode 1:  A Night at the Embassy
- Episode 2:  The Hard Getaway
- Episode 3:  The City Awakes
- Episode 4:  Saving The Girl

Past episodes of Uchronia (1):
- Scenario 1:  The Panama Crisis
- Scenario 2:  Second French Revolution

2. Past episodes of Uchronia 2:
- Episode 1: That Borneo Business
- Episode 2: Crisis in the Congo
- Episode 3: Bleeding Utah

Past episodes of Rapture:
- Chapter 1: New Year's Eve
- Chapter 2:  A New Day

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I took the liberty of adding the second episode of UCS Vanguard to the list of past episodes. Hope you don't mind smile

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Of course not! I'd all forgotten to update this thread.  Thanks!