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Soooo, Dr., would you just take a look in to this scope a minute?  Won't hurt a bit, just looking for the correct dilations is all.   smile

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My mother? Let me tell you about my mother... tongue

the trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be

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I like the name "Gateship" and I fully agree to the idea of the large warhammer style fleet-ship for our main, libraries and workshops are necessary. Preserve our literature. Though I'd also like some sort of simulator deck, rather like in Star Trek where I might do as Data once did and go on adventures with Sherlock Holmes and the like.

Also, for sake of avoiding such issues as witnessed in Wall-E, let us be careful to actually remain ACTIVE in space, using the facilities, and not letting robotics take over ALL aspects of our lives... I'm already much too close to the gelatinous blob of a human that the race had become in that film... I'm working AGAINST that, or..trying at least.

-sad little otter pokes at her tummy and frowns-

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Dr Damon Molinarius wrote:

So, the idea of a spaceship for Lounge members to use in the event of the impending apocalypse keeps cropping up in various threads.  The good Colonel and I seem to be de facto leaders of the project somehow.

Not exactly original, but...
1) The spaceship from WALL-E (but leave off the float chairs, so people don't get all flubby)
2) The Fabrini worldship from Star Trek:TOS
3) SDF-1 Macross?

Say, that's an idea.  A Victorian/Steampunk version of SDF-1!


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Like this?


I also like this one:


And, I wouldn't object to this for our expedition craft:


Just imagine that with deco interiors, and I might have to claim it for myself. Every ship needs a captain after all. wink


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Armat wrote:

Art Deco in the living room, Art Nouveau in the kitchen, and total chaos in workshop!

I can't actually object to that smile

Look as long as it's a nice combo of steam, diesel and CLEAN it's all good for me smile

Maybe we can get an aethership like the one from Treasure Planet big_smile

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Oh, it'll be clean, don't worry - have you seen what damage dust can do to a spaceship at high velocity?

the trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be


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I think I rather not see that kind of damage X_x


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It's quite monstrous, I assure you. In fact, I once had to deal with a monster all made out of dust along Orion's Belt!


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I propose we hire ourselves one of these:


Just in case something goes wrong with the engines or something.