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Dr Damon Molinarius wrote:

Given the attitudes of most of the members, perhaps a change of name to the Cocktail Lounge may be appropriate wink

Hehe big_smile  I do like the sound of "Cocktail Lounge", but I don't suppose a name change would be good marketing wise. People would get all confused to find the "Smoking Lounge" gone and something to do with afternoon refreshments in its place.

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I don't smoke or drink, so might I suggest the 'Prawn Cocktail Lounge'? wink

Sorry, left the Falcon in the Bentley. Right now, you answer to my Ronson T-T.

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I don't drink either (well I only drink on VERY rare occassions), but I'm allergic to prawns, so I'm not too keen on that suggestion tongue


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While I abstain from smoking tobacco myself, I find the aroma of a good cigar or high-quality pipe tobacco quite lovely.

Being from tobacco country, I can tell the good stuff from the bad. Downtown Durham used to smell like fine tobacco all the time when I was younger, although much of that has faded over the years. Shame they tend to turn the stuff into some of the most noxious-smelling cough-inducing cigs on the planet...

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From the same man who revived a dozen other old and lost topics, and invented another lot which probably will end up in the dustbin 'n all. Steiner presents: The bumpin' of the smoking topic;...

I don't smoke, though good Cigars are a vice I shall probably have to aquire at some point. Considered smoking just to spite the anti-smoking lobby. (though they're right it's bad for you, I like the idea of annoying people)
I do however take snuff on occasion; the occasion being when I'm near a friend who has some on him, because I can't be bothered to buy my own.


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You take what?!

Oh. That.

Never mind me.

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I must admit to having been very much a chain smoker not too long ago, but recently got my regular smoking habit under control. I now smoke mostly when out drinking or at parties.


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Don't smoke, never did and do not intend to start. While the act of smoking may have a certain style to it I much prefer to stay as far away from it as possible.

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I may have smoked one or two cigarettes in high school, but none since. Back in college I smoked a pipe for a while until my dog chewed it up. Now, I'll smoke the occasional cigar as long as it's a mild one like a Canario d'oro. It's only maybe three or four times a year at cookouts or camping.

There's something enormously peaceful and satisfying about blowing smoke rings while sitting on the porch at the Yellowstone lodge while waiting for Old Faithful to erupt at dusk.

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I still master the search option!

"Smoking Children" by Frieke Janssens

Really well done photos with a nice vintage flair to them.
(read the text too before anyone rants mkay)