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I don't think Times New Roman is a good font for anything, myself, as I use it to write essays... bad memories of deadlines! I really loved that flashing neon Smoking Lounge sign that was on the old layout, though... if I did have a big wish, I would switch the insignia that's up there with the top banner font and have the flashing neon sign in its place big_smile I do think the top banner is a bit empty myself.

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The neon sign will return, no worries. I just have to change the background color on it. 

I'm looking at the forums now in Firefox, and while the big chunk of black space atop the boards is gone, there is another error now.

Edit: Fixed that. Firefox didn't automatically size larger pictures down. I've now set a maximum width of 300px on in-post images so that larger ones are forced to confirm to the width of the boards.

Can't we just all pick one browser and stick with that one?

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I vote we all go with Firefox! XÞ

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Firefox, seconded. Are there any objections?

<<Several board denizens using Safari, IE, Mozilla, etc., begin to object, but are swiftly removed by automatons.>>

Fantastic. Firefox it is.


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You know Safari is the real superior browser.


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I think the Firefox logo is ADORABLE, but that's as much love as FF is getting from me.
Of course, I'm a lazy person and can't be bothered installing anything that isn't IE (admitedly, IE doesn't give me any grief, otherwise I probably would have thrown it out)

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Ottens wrote:

I'm still pondering whether to change the font in the header. Maybe Times New Roman is a bit too bland, I'm not entirely sure.

I support the font change! Times is just so plain, especially when large...


Re: New design

The Remington font would be excellent smile


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Perhaps, yes, but that's not much of an option I'm afraid, for it must be a standard font that everyone has. So the possibilities are rather limited to fonts as Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, etc.


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How about a bold bookman old style?