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As you can see, we are upgrading to a new design. Not everything might quite look and work the way it should just yet, but we are working on getting everything in order, so please bear with us!

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I like that there's more black on the screen now.

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There's still some problems right now, I'm afraid, and frankly, I'm having some trouble fixing them, so if there's any CSS/PHP experts out there, and you have the time, please take a look at these stylesheets and let me know if you spot something that's wrong and causing these errors:

Main stylesheet

Forum stylesheet

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I seem to be having trouble viewing it. So much so that I can't read a single thing said here! Everything is cut off above "Forum stylesheet!"

I will try clearing out my cookies and such and perhaps report back after my class. Something is certainly not quite right on my end...

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That's exactly one of the problems, somehow the scrollbar is blocked and I can't figure out why.  Try to go back to the board and click the thread title, you should be able to see it in full then.

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Yes, I can see now!

My other major issue seems to be a large block of empty black between "HOME » Forum Affairs » New design" and the first post, but that's probably another one of the problems you're working on.

Carry along, then! I trust you'll figure things out. Until then I suppose I'll just be patient.

I do like the new header, though. And I can see where it's going and it all looks great. Just those darned bugs messing things up!

Edit: Oh, and I downloaded the style sheets. I wouldn't call myself an expert, but I'm certain familiar, so I'll give it another set of eyes when I get the chance!

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Everything should more or less work fine again. Now there's just some minor tweaking left to do, like getting the links in the right places, but the two bigger problems have been solved.

Let me know if any major problems persist, for I'm only able to see things in Safari right now.


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I'm still getting used to the new colour sceme, I like how the Gatehouse is on the picture though.

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I'm away for a day, and you've had the decorators in!  Very nice, Nick - works fine for me, and the colour scheme and banner look great!  Very streamlined, easy viewing.

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I know there's still some tweaking left to do, but I'm confused, the colour scheme looks exactly the same as before? And there's a big black chunk of nothing for me before it gets to the forum part (I'm using Firefox). I cleared out cookies and swept up the cake dust from the corners too smile

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