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A thread for photos that have nothing to do with the other topics in the forum, but that are still on topic smile

I'll start.
This is a picture of my friend Els, which was taken in a gadget store in Louvain.  Totally random at the discovery of the gear clocks smile


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Hmmm, let's see if I've got something mildly steampunk-related in my photo archive...

Steampunk in Austria! Actually just a painting in a restaurant atop a mountain, but still. (Dec 2008)

http://img131.imageshack.us/img131/6795/1214914610resizedaa3.th.jpg   http://img131.imageshack.us/img131/1953/1215720898resizedmp0.th.jpg
Ah, Paris... If ever there was a Capital of Steampunk, surely this town should be in the Top 3. Picture one's some iron tower I don't care much for, but in photograph number two, you see a fabulous British Lion that graces one of the bridges crossing the river Seine. (July 2008)


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I like lion statues, there were heaps of them in Venice, Italy smile

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la fée verte

You need to scroll down a bit, because the first photo you get is the blog's author, it's the second photo I'm on about.


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and one more, because this one is so atmospheric

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Wow, that last one is really gorgeous. So moody, and I'm a sucker for the hoops.


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Requiem for a Dream

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I'd have to agree with you on Paris, Ottens. The uniform architecture of the city does give off a very steampunk vibe. Also, the bridges over the Seine are simply beautiful.

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And lets not forget the métro stop "Arts & Métiers" aka the steampunk station smile

Several others are quite nice too mind!

These are details from the sadly pretty derelict Bastille station, taken last October (2010)



And lets not forget métro signs, this one was taken on the Champs.


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Personally, I've always loved the Metro stations near Montmartre, with their creepy, horror-movie esque fonts


Also, I didn't realize that the "Arts & Métiers" was designed by Schuiten. I've been quite a fan of his work, ever since I picked up a book of his art on the clearance rack at the bookstore of the university my brother was attending, a few years back merely because it looked cool. This was before I had even heard of steampunk, but I still found the concept fascinating.