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HildeKitten wrote:

They had this one too.

close-up of the face

Quite stylish!

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Those are very exciting sculptures, Hilde. Perhaps my friend who works at the Toronto Zoo can convince them to invest in some steampunk robots...

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here are some paintings done as concept art for a video game I'm making
http://nicfish.deviantart.com/art/the-p … s-80243500
and another
http://nicfish.deviantart.com/art/steam … t-71418402

http://nicfish.deviantart.com/art/game- … t-68514565

and one more
http://nicfish.deviantart.com/art/princ … t-68514037


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Nice! I especially like the space helmet one.

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Very interesting stuff there Sir Small Fish.

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Ooh, the game concept one looks like an awesome environment! Do keep us updated on the status of the game.

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thank you will do

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One of my all-time favorites, a local fellow who does costuming pieces as well as digital art Winneganfake.

And here's a few from my favourites list on Etsy:

Exoskeleton Cabaret

Baba Yagada

Winona Cookie

Little Robot


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Mahariel wrote:

One of my all-time favorites, a local fellow who does costuming pieces as well as digital art Winneganfake.

"Arcanepunk"? Interesting.

There's some pretty amazing artwork with those artists on Etsy you linked too. Thanks!

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The latest painting is done, and I stayed up yesterday morning to make another free desktop of it (bottom of this post). This piece will be going to the printers tomorrow for imaging, and I should have prints of it by this coming Monday, ready to ship. They are, however, already available in my store.

The below image is from a digital photograph in non-natural light, so a bit of detail was lost, but still the shot did not come out too bad considering.


The airship is set against a calm and cloudy sky, and white stone mountains, in the mid ground blow blossoms from the foreground trees, tentacles subtly hidden within the flowers, trees and fog.

There is a touch of sensuality in the pink tentacles, scarlet flowers, and protruding ship mast; The warm colors of this piece make for a light and open feel, and the subtle earthen tones will pull this work together with most any decor scheme.

Free Wallpaper #5:


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