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Well I searched through the memories for a topic like this, and apparently there isn't one (apologies if I overlooked it).

So here it is, I figured it would be quite fun to have a thread where we can find steampunk artwork we've found.

And I mean actual artwork, like drawings and paintings, not photos and cool crafts.

I'll start off with this cute steampunk witch I found on dev-art smile

http://lowroad75.deviantart.com/art/Mod … -63643742#

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I say, this is a good idea! I'll move it to Aetherscope though, for it's more steampunk-related.

DeviantArt is a truly wonderful invention. Go to my Profile there and click "Favorites" to see a bunch of great steam- and dieselpunk artworks. There's certainly great stuff to be found there! On the whole of deviantArt that is. Though in my Favorites too, I hope.

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Agreed!  I'll have a rummage...

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Although this piece is not a drawing or painting, it is definitely Steampunk art. I think this guy's stuff is really first rate. http://www.donovandesign.blogspot.com/

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I think I actually featured some of his stuff at The Gatehouse in the past... Suffice to say, quite a talented artist indeed!

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Hello there.

I'm currently a steampunky *cartoonist*/illustrator.

I do a webcomic about traffic, called "the Monster Commute".

While it isn't really pure Victorian steampunk, it's got some dieselpunk elements that have yet to be fully revealed.

Mine is a steampunk fantasy world... a whimsical look at the movement perhaps.

Typical Traffic

Steampunk Seattle Space Needle:


The four seasons of traffic

CrowBot Skytrooper:

Chadworth Machine:

Steam powered cars:

Robo Moby Dick:

This is a "Steam Crow":

You can see my comic here:

You can see more of my work here:

Thank you for letting me share some of my work here.

- Daniel

Daniel M. Davis

MONSTER COMMUTE, a traffic novel.



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those are AWESOME!

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Nice to see you back, SteamCrow!

the trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be

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Seconded. Love the new stuff!

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I love those cars, SteamCrow! If only the roads of today were jammed with them.