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I made a new header image for both the main page  ("Entrance")  of the The Gatehouse website, as well as for the forums. 

The former image was a bit dark and, perhaps, a bit boring too.  I'll probably use that one for the Dieselpunk Parlor instead.  The new header is a somewhat more graphic and hopefully somewhat more attractive!

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It's a little too bright for my taste Mr. Ottens.  Though I do have particularly sensitive eyes.  Do you not think the bright red clashes with the more brick red color of the website?  I must admit it is more exciting though.

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I initially gave it same the background color as the brownish hue of the site, but that made for a somewhat bland appearance. 

Perhaps a slightly less bright red would work better though.  I'll experiment a little with the colors and see what looks best.

Edit:  Softened the colors somewhat, and added some stars in the background which I think make a nice addition.

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Perhaps a totally different background colour would be better? Maybe a blue? The new header is quite exciting either way.

Next time it gets changed, I demand airships be in it!

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I like it better now.  It doesn't hurt my eyes to look at it. smile

I like the addition of the stars a lot.

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I actually did include an airship in one of my earlier attempts, but it made the image a bit chaotic and rather full....

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not to be annoying or ungrateful, but i think i liked the last one a little more. the new one is prettier, but its nothing to do with the smoking lounge. i likeds it when the headers for the individual rooms illustrated the rooms we were in

but, i do like the new header. its very good looking

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I like it, Ottens

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What happened?  All these capital letters?  They hurt!  These garish colors?  It hurts too.  Where did the cool little logo go?  1984 is great and all, but I thought this forum was about more than that.

Gah, I'm in pain now.  I am seriously doubting my ability to further participate in this forum.  I know that sounds really extreme, but this is setting off my health condition.  I know I'm lame and I don't control this forum,  so it's Ottens choice to change the header if he wants.  I just honestly can't deal with the colors and all the capitalized text, it really hurts.

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As much as i am loyal to Ingsoc, the safety of QAB is more important to me. I suggest at least a tone down in color.

Your reality sir, is lies and balderdash, and i am delighted to say i have no grasp of it whatsoever!