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That ceiling fan is gorgeous!  It's rare that I find myself so enamored of a fan.

I agree about the chair though.  It's too stripe-y.


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Here's another wonderful ceiling fan, posted by someone over at TSF:


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A few views of the top of the hutch for my computer desk at home.


Closer views are available on the Flickr tagset - along with some pictures of the taxidermy kit, also posted over in the projects thread.

The walls are a little bare at the moment, but I'm getting ready to move, so everything will be uprooted and rearranged anyway. The new house promises to have some very steam/dieselpunk areas in it, so I'll document that as well. wink


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Ottens wrote:


I recalled how we had collectively disregarded the striped chair depicted in this otherwise perfect steampunk living room.  So when I found this lovely armchair, I was naturally compeled to share it with you.


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*wipes drool off keyboard*

That looks like it would be much more at home in such a living room!

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These aren't very flattering pictures of my lounge I'm afraid, (Oh, and there's too many) but here goes;


- Window and sill: I think I allready posted a pic of the telephone some time ago.


- Close up of the important things.



- Book Case.


- Wall with Picture of the Royal Artillerey and african mask. His name is terrence.


- Swords and umbrellas, oh, and the deckchair; essential summer Pimms drinking equipment.


- My clock in the hallway.

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y201/Cassias/Other/P6100298.jpg- Prepared for attack from French, Jerry, Martians or Ghast!


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I don't remember that telephone, but do adore it!  Quite lovely indeed!  I'm also particularly fond of your clock, which is rather maritime and makes a nice addition to the colonial theme.  I wish I had a fireplace--an actual working fireplace!  big_smile

Is that a portrait of General Montgomery there on top of your bookcase?

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Yes, it is big_smile it used to be one of Rommel, and I may change it again soon, not sure to whom though..


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After the 'war of the memoires'? I'd sooner have Patton. I'm thinking Errol Flynn or Harrison Ford as Indy..