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Not much steampunk, but I try and decorate a bit old-fashioned and thought you might find some of these.. inspirational?  wink

Some pictures of my desk, which I don't use an awful lot  (usually with my laptop on the couch) -- which is why it's so organized!  wink

Here's a globe a bought about two months ago.  They had a huge version of thing which cost more than 100 euro.  This one was relatively cheap.

And I clock I got for my birthday last year from friends.

Please do share your own steampunkian, Victorian, or just generally old-fashioned... stuff.  wink

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Hmm, apart from my hotch-potch antique book collection (most definitley NOT shelves upon shelves of brown shiny leather bound tomes, though XD) there's not too much i can do with my uni room, and my room at home has no free space in it (and when i leave here i'll have to find room for even more books, ack). There IS a shop around here that does antique globes though XD.

Hmm, ought to go looking around the antique shops for some Magnet tomorrow, to celebrate 100 years! it started on the 25th of Feb 1908

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A recent purchase...

I'm not exactly sure *what* they are.  Obviously they seem like posters, but they're actually some sort of flexible metal, which, I suppose, makes it possible to advertise them outside in dismal weathers.

Of course I chose to do no such thing and instead they decorate my kitchen now.  I found them at a local antiques shop which sells mostly merchandise of low quality and has a most unappealing odor to it.  These, to the contrary, were a most fortunate find indeed!

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Lovely Mr. Ottens!  I know I have seen reproductions of that Ship Poster before.  Both are beautifully Deco.

I have been meaning to take pictures of the room I recently redecorated.  I really should do that.

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Why please do!  It's always fun and sometimes even inspiring to see how fellow steampunk enthusiasts live.

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Those metal signs are very popular in the UK, they turn up in assorted art, seaside tat and "alternative" shops, and also on market stalls. Most are based on old beer/car adverts, or else say "X Parking only, all others will be crushed", with the car company of your choice (I suspect Wartburg are unavailable though)

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Ottens wrote:

And I clock I got for my birthday last year from friends.

Where did that clock come from? I really like it! It's vaguely Edwardian without being "precious". The clock in our bedroom just died, and I definitely try to keep things 19th c or earlier in our house...

Pics of our place coming soon.


Fortus fortuna uvat!

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I found it at a locale antiques shop, so I doubt it would be available for purchase on-line or by similar means. 

I will try and remind myself to find out the clock's brand, perhaps that might be of help.  (I'm currently not at home.)

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I beleive you can buy simple battery powered 'workings' of clocks for quite cheap (we made clocks in the 'making things' class at school once) and with a little patience you could build your own one. Or else modify a cheap shop-bought one.


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You've seen some stuff from my apartment now.  Here's how it should look like...

Well, not entirely, perhaps -- I dont' like the chair to the left.