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Similar to the Book Club, this is a place to talk about non-genre movies.

Discussion of steampunk and Victorian-era movies should go into Ætherscope and dieselpunk and dieselpunk-era movies into Café Metropole.

I just saw Charlie Wilson's War with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts and I adored it!  The dialogue was great, which I suppose was to be expected with Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing) writing the screenplay. 

Also, I never knew just how involved the U.S. had been in the Soviet-Afghan War.  Considering the U.S. involvement in the conflict and how it more or less gave up on the country once the Soviets were driven out makes the horrible two decades of Taliban rule the more sad.

About that I recently saw The Kite Runner too which pretty impressively, and rather shocking at that, depicted life in Afghanistan before and during the Taliban regime.  It seems incredibly strange how before the Coalition invaded Afghanistan, I had never even heard of the country, let alone the terrible government--if one can call it that!--under which its people lived..

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I very much want to see Charlie Wilson's War, mostly because it was written by Aaron Sorkin.

The Cold War was a very sad time for American foreign policy.  The CIA was heavily involved in the politics of many countries to their detriment, and eventually to the detriment of the United States itself.

Even now, America's involvement with Saudi Arabia can only be called disturbing, at best.

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I quite agree where it is countries in the Near East concerned.  U.S. interference there was.. dubious, at best.

However, I for one, as a firm western decadent capitalist wink, wouldn't want to consider CIA involvement in post-war Italy and Greece and some countries in South America during the Cold War regrettable--the latter but to a certain degree;  Chile and Nicaragua come to mind as less fortunate endeavours of the agency on that continent. 

And where more overt U.S. involvement is concerned, at least in the case of Korea that prevented an entire nation from falling to an authoritarian dictatorship which persists to this very day in the North.  Of course, American intervention in Vietnam was less successful--but then again, Vietnamese Communism was much less totalitarian than its North Korean counterpart, so failure of U.S. intervention there, or better, and end to it, probably wasn't such a bad thing, particularly when one considers the onslaught which came before it.

In the case of Saudi-Arabia, I quite agree that U.S. relations with the country are rather peculiar.  I quite understand how U.S. foreign policy seeks to find more allies in the region than just Israel though--indeed, that, I belief, was the entire point behind invading Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Just watched about the first half hour of the film before commercials came and I chose not to watch it further.  Just read a plot outline online, and overall it came down to pretty much what I expected it to be -- save for the introduction of military men, which reminded me of Reign of Fire in turn.

I liked the shots of deserted London, though, but even though I've seen only the first thirty minutes of it, this film was rather disappointing.

Anyone else seen it?

Anyone else hated it?  tongue

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I used to be into "splatter" quite a lot around 2004-(early) 2007, got bored of it in the end. I only saw bits of 28 days and thought it wasn't as good as most people said

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Anyone saw the film Equilibrium with Christian Bale?

The film depicts a dystopian world in which a Big Brother-like "Father" dominated the land/city of "Libria".  In Libria, emotion is banned, and all people regularly take a certain drug to surpress their feelings.  According to Father, emotion is the source of all human evil, and he was able to take power after a Third World War left much of the world obliterated.

Bale's character is an enforcer of a clergy appointed to combat the "Resistance", a movement which lives in the ruins outside the city and hold on to their emotions. 

Bale's character ends of forgetting to take his emotion-surpressing drug, and gradually begins to experience feelings.  In the end, he of course begins to sympathize with the cause of the Resistance and the conclusion of the film is rather predictable in spite of a twist or two. 

Overall I did rather liked it though.  Equilibrium made for an interesting dystopia, and the concept of all emotion being banned, though not entirely original (THX 1138), was portrayed pretty well with Orwellian doublethink necessary to legitimize the system.


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I've seen it a couple of years ago and quite liked it.  I would have to see it again to remember all of it though, it wasn't _that_ memorable I'm afraid.

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It's one of my favorite sci-fi movies. It's a shame it was so underestimated. It never got the proper launch it deserved, and people were entirely too quick to compare it to the SF-fest of The Matrix.

People should evaluate it for what it is. By contemporary Hollywood standards, Equilibrium was as close to a low-budget movie as you can probably get. I think they did a remarkable job considering their budgetary limitations.


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I think it was definitely much better than the Matrix.  I didn't like the Matrix trilogy at all to be honest.

I agree with you that Equilibrium was never properly released, it was never out in theatres in Belgium, and had it not been that some friends in London owned it and were watching parts of it, I would probably never ended up searching for it in the rental place in Belgium so I could see it in total.  Simply because I wouldn't know it existed.  It's a shame really, so many good movies are disappearing in oblivion because of bad PR and shoddy releases sad


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With so many films released nowadays, a good marketing campaign is almost essential to get a film some attention.  Of course, that requires lots of money, while often the low-budget, independent films are so much more interesting than Hollywood blockbusters.

As for the Matrix, I rather liked it, from a cyberpunk perspective, yet I do agree that it was greatly overrated.  It was a good film all right, but it wasn't that good.