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Nov 4th is my day!!


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I like the germans touch of adding another barrel to shoot around corners.
I bet the blue prints are easy to obtain, with it being dated technology... that was never really matchd for maybe 100 years after its birth


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Excellent. I finaly got that thing to fly straight.... sort of
I like the waiting room you created while I was building


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Whats everyones second life names? I just started using it  and am really lost
DrFuroris Gearbox is mine


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I sighnd up for second life just to check it out - still attempting to figure out second life HA


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It looks like a game you play to wind down befor bed time. something to do but not terribly exciting


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Dr. Furoris Galea steppping forward and saying hello!

I'm a scientist, inventor, mad geniouse...
I'm currently partaking in the Great Race but when not flying in an old rusted war ship I'm in my lab amassing an army of undead bent on taking over the town next one over...

Some say I'm crazy, some call me a monster but honestly, We all know the zombie invasion is going to happen. I may as well be the one controlling them!

Guess this will be my first post!
My project is a full suit of steam powerd battle armor.
You have pirates and soldiers, some missing eyes or limbs and speak of great wars and sky battles.
So if I'm to be part of the boarding party going below deck on an enemy ship in cramped quarters, I will be bullet proof

I have the front chest piece done already. The back build is for this weekend

and I'm also restoring 87 leather ammo pouches