Ahh, hmm, perhaps not so much opposite in right or left, but in cosmopolitan and traditional terms


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On a personal note with some irony; I never made anything steampunk before until last year. I'll put a picture of it up somewhere.


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A nice recap; agreed on all points and good to see that you are finding something rewarding with an 'old' hobby in this manner


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I finished my PhD and am looking for jobs in academia. Nothing much else to report.

Edit: Seems like you've been through the wars a bit Wil, my condolences.

I’m a little late to the party.
Coming from the other side of the political divide to you Nick, I nevertheless see the same, or similar, problem, broadly. Though, changing American constitutional arrangements seems unlikely owing to the difficulties of such a thing.


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Another thing; there's a Marvel comic series out called The Twelve, it follows the story of twelve superheroes frozen in an SS bunker at the end of the war and then defrosted in modern days; Captain America style, it's a good series so far, I've only read the first omnibus, there are two, and I can't seem to get the second yet. The characters are all Golden Age style superheroes, based on the likes of the Shadow and 1930s/40s Superman etc.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_YhrLAYLQ8So/S … Twelve.jpg


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I was not offering though, tongue I'm tone deaf!


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If you dont have an ear for it, it's going to be tough. If you have a friend who's a good player, you could maybe ask them to help you out smile


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I enjoyed your review Hilde, and am now looking forward to the film even more. You mention it dwells a right ammount  on carter's backstory. I understand he was a CSA officer in the American Civil War in the original stories, is this the case with this film? If so, is there much of this part of his life in the film?


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I've been quitely looking for'ard to this film.I've never read the original stories though. I'm quite fond, in my own way, of the Robert E. Howard short stories and I know he took influence from the writer of John Carter of Mars. One of his short stories is very simmilar to the premise.