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Dr Damon Molinarius wrote:

Hi folks - rather than post a new thread saying I'm back, I thought I'd drop a note in here.  Thanks for sorting out my access again, Nick!

I must apologise for the very extended absence - this really was unintentional, but much has happened since I last came through the doors into the Lounge.  My workload more or less tripled, there has been restructuring, reductions of staff and of funding, meaning we're doing more with less resources and fewer people. On top of this, there's been health issues in the family, a couple of deaths, and I've bought and moved into a house (more on this elsewhere, as I will be needing your suggestions!). 

So, anyway - what have I missed? tongue

Welcome back! Good to hear that you're okay big_smile


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I hate being ill especially when I have deadlines to meet. Bah.


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That really sounds crazy!


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Last episode in the series tonight... I'm excited!


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Hey all, I am still lurking around! Just been really busy at the moment with stuff and getting distracted by the new Sherlock. Hopefully things will go well!


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Apocalyptic Manchester


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Metallica - Creeping Death

Jason Newsted did the best backing vocals for Metallica. I don't care for the bassist argument but hell, those are some hellish growls.


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My internet is finally here! Sort of. It's a bit crappy, but at least I don't feel like it's 1995 any more.


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Wasn't too enthused by it myself sadly. Some of the lines were a bit jarring. Nice soundtrack though. The dirigibles/steampunk seemed painfully shoehorned in with the explanation. Guess it had the opposite effect on me.


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Yeah, I prefer dark and light writing myself, oh well.

And I keep trying to go for the 'show new posts' (not the same as recent posts) link but it seems to have vanished?