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Hello there!

My name is Paolo, and I'm almost 50 (December).

I'm practically merged into aviation from my childhood,  (my Dad was a pilot), and I went trough the whole process of scale-modelling, books, movies, until the advent of the first PCs back in the 80ies (Commodore 64, then Amiga, and so on, with the first flight sims - I had 'em all! - and later internet and flying online...)

After a divorce I was still so crazy to said the word "YES!" for the second time. My actual wife is Brazilian (descendant of Italian Immigrees), and I managed to get her interested about aviation and virtual flying. We both are mainly offline pilots, and this because we really don't have much time for flying online, but we are working to change this.

I had my share of boardgaming (D&D) when I was younger, and I like RPGs, mostly Fantasy, wich I used to play "full immersion" as can be seen from the pictures:

I spent years in reenacting, mostly middle-age related. And I'm an instructor of ancient fencing (was a member of the "Associazione Maestri di Spada Italiani" before moving to Brazil).

As I said, I'm interested in aviation. And  about pulp, the 1920-1930 decades are the ones that really "catches" me. (Maybe I was born in the wrong time).

I envision my "real, deep self" as a former WW1 pilot that was collaborating with Engineer Alessandro Marchetti (father of many italian aircraft) in the construction of a new type of seaplane racer, (later modified as a fighter). In 1922 his Family was killed by the Fascists and, after the murderers were all released from prison after Mussolini become Dictator, he makes justice with his own hands (1926), and have to go underground when declared outlaw by the fascista Government. He thus becomes "Capitan Diavolo", and with his black painted plane starts a personal war against the Fascists, supported in his adventures by a faithful group of people that is part of an Anti-Fascist secret organization.

There is plenty of space for Zeppelins, seaplanes, gorgeous ladies, mercenaries and flying misfits and other Steam/Dieselpunk/pulp stuff.

Capitan Diavolo is normally dressed all black, with two Colt 1911 .45 in underarm holsters, two Mauser C/96 9mm Parabellum in the belt holsters, a Long barrel Luger P'08 (9mm Parabellum) in the right boot and a knife in the left boot. He is also armed with a Thompson M1921 machinegun when not piloting his fighter flying boat (armed with 2 German MG18 (13,2mm) machineguns.

Here I hope to make new friends and to expand my knowledge about the Steam/Dieselpunk Culture.

I can be found at facebook, too. Just search for Capitan Diavolo.