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Is there a dieselpunk fashion thread?  I didn't see it.

Recovering today from Norwescon.  I did a Dieselpunk panel Thursday evening, and threw together an aviatrix outfit for it:



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There's always the option of finding a set of antique frames you like and having your lenses put in.  My husband did that, to wonderful effect.  It was a little pricier, as they had to custom grind the lenses, but well worth it.  Unfortunately I have no pictures.


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I've been doing mostly mainstream stuff lately, but I've got a couple of new steamy pieces:




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zinar7 wrote:

Me too, I like cards to have a bit of uniqueness to them. I'd certainly look into picking those up if/when they're published professionally.

He's got five cards to do still to complete the deck, and is going to have them professionally printed.  I've pre-ordered three decks already, one for myself and two for gaming-oriented friends, early holiday shopping.


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I've posted this artist's work before, but he's in the process of designing a deck of cards.  Suits are Circles, Bones, Cogs, and Sea.



You can see the rest of the images to date here.

That's been on my "should watch that someday" list for awhile now, but it keeps getting moved down the queue.  I need to tweak our list a bit, I think.


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Ottens wrote:

Lovely photograph by Cornicello! And a great outfit too wink A fine summer steampunk ensemble.

We're nominally putting together a calender, and I requested to be August, which is both my birthday month and our anniversary. The shoot, however, was in January, and I think the reason he grey-scaled the image was to cover up the fact that I was turning blue.  It was about 45F/7C out that day, and we were right by the water.


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Here's an image from a shoot our local group did last month:


We had a most amazing photographer, whose website is here.  He's got another couple shots in his performance gallery, all the way at the very end. (you have to scroll through from the beginning)

And a rather amusing "before" shot, one of my fellow 'rats hamming it up for the camera:



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Those are spectacular!  Shame they will probably be lost once the mine is played out.


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I was wondering if anyone else has read the re-imaginings of two of Jane Austen's Classics?  So far there's Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and more recently Sense and Sensibilities and Sea Monsters

I read the first with much giggling, and am about a third of the way through the second, with similar hilarity ensuing.