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I can't receive History Channel, unfortunately. sad  I looked it up on their website, but I don't believe it's possible to watch episodes online.


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A postcyberpunk comic book series which chronicles the battles of "Spider Jerusalem", infamous renegade gonzo journalist of the future who is a homage to gonzo journalism founder Hunter S. Thompson.

Spider Jerusalem dedicates himself to fighting the corruption and abuse of power of two successive United States presidents; he and his filthy assistants strive to keep their world from turning more dystopian than it already is while dealing with the struggles of fame and power, brought about due the popularity of Spider via his articles.

Not quite Dieselpunk, but I suppose it's dystopian setting should make it interesting nonetheless, if only slightly.  Frankly I'm not all that impressed with the storyline--which doesn't struck me as incredibly original--, nor with the artwork--which seems much too colorful for a dystopian story.  The first issue is available only at DC comics.com.


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From your reactions and others I've read I'm supposing this is rather more a children's movie if anything else, for a young adult audience nonetheless, as were the books I understand.  (Haven't read them though.)  The images look nice, so I suppose there'll be at least some nice stuff to see...

Oh--and welcome to the forums, Mr. (I'm presuming here; a fox is rather a masculine creature after all) Chasefowl!


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It's good to see two more familiar faces here, and someone new. Welcome all, and as for Mourning; I'm glad to make your acquaintance.


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I was thinking that for now the "Astounding Tales!" forum could suffice, but I quite agree that for a more elaborate game we surely require a separate board.

I would quite enjoy another RPG, and am very open to suggestions as what our setting and storyline should be. Personally I'd prefer a somewhat more pulp-like/noir setting, but something adventerous nonetheless.


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Today the "Smoking Lounge" opens its doors!  A forum for all things Steam, Diesel, and Pulp, it is my hope that the "Smoking Lounge" will serve The Gatehouse as community for the darker side of Steampunk.

The forum features four main message boards: "Ætherscope" for discussions related to Steampunk; "Out of the Past" for everything Dieselpunk and Pulp; "Astounding Tales" for discussing literature and posting one's own prose and poetry; and the "Diogenes Club" for real-life talk and debate, including recent events, politics, religion, science, sex, and pretty much everything else.

Leave your thoughts about the "Smoking Lounge" here.  I'm always interested to learn what people thing, and am open to suggestions!  (Regarding the Ranking-system, for example, which is yet to be devised.)


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I'm going to see The Golden Compass with friends next week--though I can't say I had much to say in regard to the choice of film wink

So, anyone seen it yet?  Opinions?


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Many have probably seen the titanic plans drawn up by Albert Speer and Hitler for the reconstruction of Berlin into the monumental capital of the German Reich--Germania.

Less people know of the Soviet equivalents to these plans, for under Stalin's leadership equally monstrous designs were considered to make Moscow the proud capital of International Communism.

I've recenly updated the OTTENSHistory page on Stalinist architecture, which can be found here.

My favorite's design is one for the "People's Commissariat of Heavy Industry" by the three Vesnin-brothers (picture below) which would have featured a radical reconstruction of the Red Square area with a gigantic building arising across the Kremlin in commemoration of the great industrial accomplishements of the Soviet people!


More at OTTENS.architecture | Soviet architecture.


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Welcome Mr Archer!  We are thankful to have you with us and should be quite able to facilitate your journey into the fascinating world of Steampunk!


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Welcome to the Smoking Lounge.

Please, pull up a chair and introduce yourself.