That might be true!

Probably -- but look at Maine. They just introduced ranked-choice voting.

I don't believe we're at opposite sides, by the way! I've become more centrist in the last few years, but I still vote for the center-right.


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There's a difference, though, between politics in steampunk and steampunk as politics.

The former, I think, is totally fine. Whatever the focus of the story or creation.

The latter is problematic. As you say, steampunk isn't a movement, much less a political movement. Some people tried to turn it into one, and it didn't work.


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Here is the story!

Retrostacja disappeared recently.


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A Voice Of the People poll has found (PDF) majority support in the United States for introducing ranked-choice voting.

Also known as instant runoff, it would allow Americans to vote for third-party candidates without wasting their votes. Maine is the first state to consider it.

Another way to break up the Democratic-Republican duopoly would be to consolidate congressional districts, something I've written about at the Atlantic Sentinel.

I would support either. The two-party system has polarized Americans. We see in Europe that multiparty democracies are better at managing tensions.


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