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Nice outfit! How did you made that dress? Or it's just two different kinds of skirt?


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I'm in a funny situation because of this video. I posted this video in our page and suddenly I got this fantasy crazy chick bashing the video smile) I only said it was steampunk inspired @_@ Then she went starwars crazy all over me.


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I don't like it but I don't hate it too. At least they didn't make it looked like a circus performance big_smile


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Pretty as always! I really love your skirts and nice socks btw.


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I love cats that's why I used the kitten part.. So my guess was right Hilde is your real name :3

Well this song makes my day.. @_@ it's been my habit to play it everyday...


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Kitten it will even play while you're dreaming!!


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Thank you kitten. Im so happy my ensemble is almost done big_smile


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I was a bit lost on where to put it. But the more i stare at it, it's really for diesel smile


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Thank you guys for those kind words. Steampunk is not known here in our place it's very hard for me it's like I'm the only black cat in a sea of white kittens. I will take your advises by heart and hopefully it goes well.

Steiner, You're right I can't please everyone smile

Ottens, I've downloaded your magazine and it helps me alot. Such a pity you guys don't make it anymore.

Fiery Little, I hope you find your watch again.


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I don't know if I'm posting this on the right section.. Oh well here it goes.

I fell in love with steampunk and decide to adapt to the culture. I made my research and still studying it. I got excited when I got to the fashion part and started sketching and planning. But as the days flew I started to worry.. what if I make a fool out of myself? What if my interpretation of the culture is wrong? What is right and what is wrong? I'm sorry if I sounded like whining I just don't want to stain the name of steampunk and also I don't want to embarrass myself.