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Thanks for taking the time to reply. It'll really help with my report.

I need a few more people to fill it in, if you could recommend the questionnaire to other people I'd be really gateful.



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I've been creating my own Steampunk-themed magaxine for my university FMP project, and I was wondering if I could ask a few people here to fill in this questionnaire I designed to help me with my market research.



It should take long and it is completely anonymous. It would just really help with my research.

If you want more info on my project or anything feel free to ask.



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I'm at Northbrook College, Sussex, which is about thirty minutes from Brighton (not many people know where I'm at).

ATM I'm thinking it's only going to be a one-off for my final college project.


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I'm never really sure what to write for these things. But....I thought I'd better introduce myself.


I'm currently working on a project revolving around Steampunk and I absolutely love the movement, I just find it really interesting and pretty amazing.



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Thanks for replying, and for the advice.

I'm currently working on my Final Major Project for university and my aim is to create a web-based magazine based around the Steampunk sub-genre, fashion and technology (I'm still working on the finalities of it all), anyway, I need to do some research on competition and my target audience atm and it's really helpful to have these replies because I can put articles in my magazine that will appeal to my target audience.

Hope that helps.



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I'm doing a project on Steampunk for my fashion media course at university and it would really really help if some of you could answer some questions for me.



1) Gender

2) Age

3) What magazines do you read?

4) What kinds of articles do you like to see in magazines?

5) Do you prefer websites or interactive websites for magazines?

6) Why?

7) What kinds of things do you like to see on magazine websites/web-magazines?

8) Do you like print-based magazines?

9) Why?

10) Roughly how many hours per day are you online?