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Something I just discovered:


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Yes, I'm sorry. The train video got away!


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My wife Jude passed away in 2013. I have not been able to keep an engineering job. There seems to be little need for environmental project engineers in the US at the moment. I married again, moved to Lawton Oklahoma, and started working for the Salvation Army. Ironic perhaps because we are not religious, and the Salvation Army is a church. Still, the line for the nightly soup kitchen is increasing. Our women's shelter is nearly full. Last year, only a few women stayed there. The men's shelter is about the same. Lots of fear about President Trump and the likelihood of war. We live next to a huge artillery base named Fort Sill. No unusual activity there yet.

I agree that Spain should begin the negotiations by offering Catalonia greater autonomy. It's unfortunate that the Spanish ruling party is so obstinant. Perhaps they believe that they will lose face. I don't think they will. Rather, they will appear more adult. Interesting situation. By the way, Do you like the Picasso museum and the architecture of Gaudi? I visited Barcelona way back in 1984. At that time the reproduction Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria were in the harbor. Later, during 2000, I visited them again when I was working in Corpus Christi in the US. Nina was in the harbor, while Pinta and Santa Maria were on the grounds of the museum complex.


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Most Los Angeles tourists think of Disneyland when looking for entertainment. However, there are thousands of little Disneylands all over. Many of them are very inexpensive or free! Here is a video by the late Huell Howser at the Los Angeles County fairground:


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Another tragic loss.


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Screw the Moon... and Mars along with it! JPL's robots have made NASA ever so democratic. Give me a retirement vacation in Lausanne, Switzerland! Dunhill Nightcap or Mixture 965?