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Hi there, haven't posted anything for ages... (shame on me...) however when i saw the new Social Distortion video I though it would make a good post here ;-)
The music itself isn't dieselpunkish (well, punkish yes...) however the overall stlye is pure 30s/40s gangster and very nice to watch.


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can only secon dthe prev. statements - a great game, indeed. If you are interested in similar stuff try SNATCHER a rather unkknown but fantastic game for the Sega Mega CD (Sega Mega = Sega Genesis). It's kind of Blade Runner meets Terminator. Here's sth to read:

http://www.cyberpunkreview.com/cyberpun … /snatcher/
http://www.destructoid.com/snatcher-rec … 0325.phtml
http://www.risingstuff.com/snatcher-rev … d-version/

and sth to look at wink



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Toby wrote:

I've only read the Genevive novels he wrote for Warhammer as Jack Yeovil, but I liked them very much. Much of GW's spin-off stuff is pretty weak, but these had a lot of wit and excitement to them. There was a sense that they'd been written by someone with real brains.

Incidentally I once met Kim Newman. If I remember rightly, I just made some feeble squeaking noises, as I tend to do when meeting such people.

Genevive also appears in the Anno Dracula novels...


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great pic! beautiful!

Hey, thanks. Both (esp. the first one) sound exactly like my cup of dark, weird tea wink
Going to put them on my books-to-buy list right away!

I finished your book yesterday, redfezwriter. Once again thank you very much for sending it to me. Overall it was just nearly exactly what stories I love to read.
You have a very, hmmm... how to say...?, illustrative way of writing and the stories directly were somewhat visible in my imaginery.

Further I highly enjoyed that you weaved many different aspects of mythology into the stories and didn't just took "standard" approaches (in terms of: germans sticking only to norse myths, e.g.).

Besides the already mentioned "Crete", my fave stories were:
"Lemnos" with the cool idea of Hephaestus' automatons (oh, and I, too, am using Sebottendorf as a character in the novel I'm writing on since Nov. 2008, hehe - a person with great "fictional potential").


"Palestine". With the QNG you have created something with a lot of further potential in my opinion. I can see comics or even animated series showing the missions of the QNG! besides that the overall story was just great and finely crafted!

Also the basic ideas behind the "London" and "Los Angeles" stories were very cool.

Those I didn't like so much (but they were still at least quite good) were "Brcko" and "Moscow". "Brcko" wasn't somewhat deep enough imo and regarding "Moscow" - I personally am just a bit tired of the whole "undead" thing ;-)
Oh, but I loved the appearance of P38 Lightnings in Brcko - my fave fighting aeroplane wink

So, I hope you are going to write a lot more and maybe even a "full" novel. Palestine for instance offers great possibilities of becoming a "full length" (again - imo...)


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Ottens wrote:

Post-apocalyptic meets Weird War Nazi -- what can possibly go wrong?

there's nothing to add wink


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hmm, maybe some people will do but I personally think that to me these beginning days of videogames will always be special to me as they are directly "melted" with my childhood.
Though today there are also very good games, I never felt the magic comparable with the games on arcade machines, the Amiga, SNES and Sega Genesis. Sure the graphics still get better and better but the magic is just not there wink
But I guess people who grew up with Next-gen consoles will get nostalgic feelings in ten years or so when seeing "then old" games like GTA, Halo etc.


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some kind of offshoot from the Warhammer 40k universe, the setting of The Death Korps of Krieg mixes it's Scifi (and isn't scifi just future fantasy wink )based origin with a "trench horror meets weird war" optics. Haven't played it but the design suits my taste just fine:

Originating from the planet of Krieg, the Death Korps was established after their planet was bombed by the Imperials. Krieg was a sight of a rebellion against the Imperium of Man, after of which the Imperials began a five hundred atomic bombing. The Death Korps of Krieg is a siege specialist regiment of the Imperial Guard. Their home world of Krieg was ravaged by 500 years of nuclear civil war and bitter trench warfare which left the world little more than a scortched rock of dust and mud. Today the regiments raised on Krieg seek to repent themselves from their former treachery against the Imperium by displaying a disturbing disreagrd for their own lives in combat. They excell at stationary warfare and defensive fighting in particular...



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hehe, unfortunately not. But it plays all the great arcade games from the "good old times" (the 80s and 90s), where 2D ruled! *sigh* Those were the days.... wink
I still love and play these games via MAME and an emulator on the X-Box, but I still have the dream of one day building my own cabinet