Andrew Probert matte painting

Squeezing the Enterprise-D into Spacedock

Footage from Star Trek III was reused in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “11001001” to represent an enormous spacedock. The Enterprise-D was simply superimposed over the motion picture Enterprise — implying this facility was at least twice the size of the Earth Spacedock seen the movies.

Andrew Probert, who was working as a senior illustrator on The Next Generation, objected to the scene for that very reason. He told Trekplace‘s Greg Taylor in 2005:

Going into the Spacedock was ludicrous and I was fighting tooth and nail to get them to not do that. The producers simply shrugged their shoulders and said, “Well, we’ll say it’s a bigger Spacedock,” but that logic really didn’t work for me. The system that I proposed was that the Enterprise to be serviced and docked on the existing space station exterior, because it has an umbrella-like rim — a mushroom head, if you will — under which the Enterprise could have been docked by connecting the dorsal replenishment systems, but… There’s a lot of things that sort of fell by the wayside and it is what it is.

Probert produced a matte painting for the docked Enterprise-D. A photographic matte was added to the shot in order to show people walking through a gangway tunnel.

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