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26 January 2009 | NOAH’S ARK | Comment

Behold brass giraffes, steampowered elephants, a flock of clockwork birds and an enormous vessel built to carry them all to safety amid the gathering storm in this steampunk reimagination of the story of Noah’s Ark. This illustration was created by a gentleman from France who goes by the handle of “loboto” and maintains a portfolio of his work available in a Profile.

Thanks to “Lord K” for posting this over at the Behold the Power of Steam! community.

25 January 2009 | SLEEPING BEAUTY | Comment

In The Computer Graphics Society’s “Steampunk Myths and Legends” challenge, Mr Antonio Caparo submitted this reimagination of the fairy tale classic Sleeping Beauty. Visit Mr Caparo’s Blog to see more of his work!

Originally published in 1697 as La Belle au Bois dormant by Charles Perrault, the most familiar Sleeping Beauty in the English speaking world has become the 1959 Walt Disney animated film, which draws as much from Perrault as from Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s 1890 ballet version.

24 January 2009 | MOUNTAIN CASTLE | Comment

One of the latest competitions at challenged the participants to device a “Mountain castle in the snow.” Many excellent artworks were submitted—all available for viewing in this Thread—yet our favorite is not exactly in the snow at all!

The artwork on display here was created by a Mr Adam Anderson from New Zealand who gives us a fascinating mix of what look like Mongol warriors and cyberpunkesque scenery. Visit Mr Anderson’s Profile for more!

23 January 2009 | CRICKEY, SECRET NAZI STUFF | Comment

In the world of dieselpunk, where the Depression never arrived, World War II may still be fought as a prolonged cold war, with the German Reich in control of all of Europe. Under the pressure of the ongoing war effort, German science is typically depicted as having continued its experimenting with biotechnologies, sparking off a genetic revolution of bio-mods, clones and organ harvesting.

Now available in our WAR ROOM: a whole new Nazi page with occult, jet aircraft, supersoldiers and more!

22 January 2009 | FORGETTING KANSAS | Comment

The most famous adaption of The Wizard of Oz was of course the 1939 film starring Judy Garland. This film seems to have become Hollywood’s favorite way of showing we are in the 1930s; Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004) and Australia (2008) both featured it.

But not only dieselpunks can lay claim upon the 1939 film. Miss Daniele Rios Boleeiro from Brazil amply demonstrates with this depiction that Oz can be perfectly steampunk’d too! Be sure to visit her Profile for more of her work!

21 January 2009 | VICTORIANTALISM | Comment

In the real world, orientalism has been criticized for being biased and even racist. However, in the realm of steampunk we can safely recreate the Orient as it was described and depicted by authors and artists who had actually never seen it. In steampunk all the myths and miracles of the East that enchanted the Victorians can come true.

Thus behold the newest page in our STEAMPUNK section: Victorientalism, about the East in steampunk fiction and the prevalence of the genre in the Land of the Rising Sun.